ALUXX Aluminum

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Giant goes beyond the limits of standard aluminum with its own ALUXX Aluminum Technology, a masterful blend of cutting-edge material science and proprietary forming and construction techniques.


From the microscopic manipulation of the atomic grain structure to hydro-formed tubesets, Giant has been at the forefront of aluminum engineering for more than three decades. ALUXX Aluminum is the result of these efforts.
With Giant’s in-house manufacturing capabilities, each step of the production process can be closely monitored so that every alloy bike meets the tightest tolerances and highest quality standards. Ride Giant’s ALUXX Aluminum Technology and experience the finest aluminum frames available.
ALUXX Aluminum Technology is available in two grades:


The highest strength-to-weight ratio. 
State-of-the-art tubeset forming, heat treating and joining techniques.


Effective strength-to-weight ratio. 
Tried-and-true materials and construction techniques.